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Medical Coding

Medical coding is the most integral and important part of the revenue cycle; it needs to be very accurate and specific. Our coding personnel are trained and experienced with focus on every detail available in the source document; they ensure that all the local guidelines and payor specific guidelines are followed. Our coders undergo continuous training and are aware of all the latest coding tools.

Our coding services

Medical Billing

Medical billing needs attention to detail in capturing each and every important piece of information that is available which will help in validating a Claim. Our medical billers are experienced in reading printed and handwritten superbills, charge tickets and patient information source documents. Our billing team is well experienced in all state specifics and ensure that they input accurate data in to the billing system resulting in maximum reimbursement  collected at the first claim submission

Our billing services

RCM Follow-up

Accounts Receivables follow-up is one of the most important part of revenue cycle. Thorough knowledge of RCM cycle and allocation of right resource and implementing the best practice will enable collecting more revenue to our Clients. Our AR follow-up representatives are industry experts with a holistic approach in analyzing each claim and taking the right necessary action to get the right reimbursement to our Clients.

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Denial Management

Denial Management is an integral part of the RCM process.  Managing denials are not about just finding the status of a claim – it is the process of drilling deep and tracking the exact reason why a claim is denied and scripting the right appropriate action will fetch the revenue for any Claim. Our denial management professionals have working experience in each and every RCM process which helps them to analyze and take expert action to get a claim paid.

We provide the below Denial Management services